Why Body Yoghurts are a Must this Summer

We know that winter has gone. Are we looking for summer love? If yes, then you have got to embrace the best vegan moisturizers. Get the best vegan care in the form of a Body Yoghurt. They are the cleanest way to work moisturizing into your body care routine. So, the next time you’re fleet of foot in a dash to get out the door, you won’t need to compromise on your favourite bathroom rituals. Don't worry, Foy Natural has got your back (well, and arms and legs). Achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin, so you can get on with sorting the world out by day, enjoying at night. 

But, before that, you must know what is a "Body Yoghurt"?

Handcrafted by FOY naturals Body Yogurts are vegan body moisturizers suited to all skin types. We’ve concocted them in 4 heavenly variations particularly tackling specific skin concerns. They’re created to be applied to damp skin right after the shower. So, if you never actually get round to daily moisturizing because you’re so busy with your daily struggles, these might just become your new number one skincare product. Especially considering the summer vibes that we got going. As compared to Body Butter, Body Yoghurts are much suitable in the Summer seasons. So, save your skin this summer with the authentic range of Body Yoghurts.

  • Fast-Absorbing- A body yoghurt is excellent for summers as it absorbs quickly to your skin. The combination of rosemary, lemon, cucumber extract, and evening primrose is very beneficial for Oily or Acne-Prone Skin. Body yoghurts moisturize the skin without causing any breakouts.
  • Lightweight- Your skin-care routine needs to be a little more lightweight than your usual routine in summers. Seize the moisture into your skin with a blend of mango butter, golden jojoba oil, and pomegranate seed oil that transforms instantly on All Skin Types to give you an instant all-over healthy look.
  • Beautiful Fragrance- Want to get all your summer skin goals ticked off? Body Yoghurts have got you covered! This gel-based moisturizing cream has beautiful fragrance and treats Dry Skin with loads of moisture without being too heavy on the skin. The formula plumps up the skin and locks in moisture which works great during summers.
  • Healthy Dose of Hydration- This summer, give your skin moisturization that's quick, light and lasts long with the fast-absorbing gel-based Body Yoghurt. It penetrates a good amount of hydration that moisturizes your skin and tackles the problem of Pigmented Skin. The texture is so smooth; you will fall in love with it - and all this without any toxins or harmful chemicals!

For best results, apply it post-shower and before going to bed. It has the goodness of natural ingredients that provide organic care for your skin. This summer, don't miss out on the Body Yoghurt

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