Rice & Floral Mix Face Mask for Skin Tightening (100g)
Is your skin resisting to soak in skin care products? Our hydrating face mask dives deeper into the skin, unclogging your skin pores and making them smaller in size. Get instant brightness and healthier looking skin with the perfect blend...
₹ 600.00
Lavender & Blueberry De-Tan Clay Mask (100g)
All we need is clearer, brighter and an even tone skin. De-tan face mask is one of those skincare elixirs. It gives our skin a beautiful radiant glow by removing all signs of tan, dullness and sunburn caused by UV...
₹ 600.00
Berries & French Clay Face Mask For Deep Cleansing & Spot Removal (100g)
All you need is clear, radiant, and smooth tone skin. The Berries and French Clay Face Mask is the one that will help you achieve those skin goals. It gives our skin a beautiful radiant glow by removing all signs...
₹ 699.00
Anti-pollution Regimen
Fight pollution with our perfect anti-pollution skincare! Sandalwood and turmeric together, can deep cleansing get any better? An age-old remedy to fight acne, remove excess sebum and impurities, this can do wonders in no time. Your skin is gonna love...
₹ 999.00
Oil Control Face Regimen
It's time to bid goodbye to the Blotting papers with our personal favorite oil control regimen! Exfoliate your skin daily with the walnut & pumpkin seed face wash and nourish it naturally. The fine granules fight against free radicals, ease...
₹ 899.00
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