Sandalwood & Turmeric Powder Face Cleanser (100g)
Sandalwood and Turmeric together, gently cleanse the skin by removing excess sebum and impurities. The skin is left perfectly matte, clear, and fresh. The age-old remedy that is a huge benefactor in our modern ages for a glorifying skin tone....
₹ 599.00
Walnut & Pumpkin Seed Exfoliating Face Wash (75g)
Unveil a fresh and glowing skin every morning with a unique formulation of walnut and pumpkin seed face wash. The gentle and effective fine granules of pumpkin and walnut where pumpkin exfoliates, nourishes and conditions the skin and walnut fights...
₹ 550.00
Anti-pollution Regimen
Fight pollution with our perfect anti-pollution skincare! Sandalwood and turmeric together, can deep cleansing get any better? An age-old remedy to fight acne, remove excess sebum and impurities, this can do wonders in no time. Your skin is gonna love...
₹ 999.00
Oil Control Face Regimen
It's time to bid goodbye to the Blotting papers with our personal favorite oil control regimen! Exfoliate your skin daily with the walnut & pumpkin seed face wash and nourish it naturally. The fine granules fight against free radicals, ease...
₹ 899.00
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