FOY Naturals

Fountain Of Youth

100% natural care for your skin & hair - that's the basis of everything we do at FOY Naturals. With a deep reverence for mother nature's wisdom, we look up to her bounty for answers to problems around skincare & haircare.

What's different?... you ask. Well, with FOY Naturals, you take the guesswork out of the equation. With a regime-based approach, you can predictably achieve youthful skin and thicker hair without ever worrying about "is this going to get me the results I want?"

Don't forget that if there's a specific concern you want help with, we have exotic & efficacious ingredients to address it. Our vision is to uplift the entire ecosystem around skincare and haircare with the use of chemical-free products.

Have we caught your attention yet? Learn about what our journey has been like.

Milestones on The Journey



If you've been seeking a nature-led & science-backed personal care brand from India, welcome home.

We love you. We want you.

Get ready to say no to toxins and 👋  hi to exotic ingredients, botanicals, essential oils and herbs for your skincare and hair care routine. Your life is all about to change and we’re excited for it.

FOY Naturals brings you 100% Natural, clean & clinically proven products made with the highest regard for your body and mother nature.

Our ever-so-gentle lineup of gender-neutral products are effective across all age groups. We swear a lot of heart goes into making them! With our small batch production process (no robotic assembly lines), you know there's a real human behind every package you receive from FOY Naturals. Oh yes! Before we forget, none of these are vanity products. All of them are lab-tested and solve real problems for you. Cool?


People are the heart of FOY Naturals.

Heck! What do we mean by that?

First, we're on a mission to democratize natural skincare and haircare with a two-fold approach.

That means you get products at an affordable price with easy access. No matter where you live in India, you should be able to order 100% natural skincare without paying 10x the price that other brands charge you for.

Second, we say a BIG NO to marketing on human insecurities. We DO NOT believe our products will make you "more gorgeous, flawless or beautiful". We want you to embrace your inner beauty. And our products will help you tap into your natural confidence.

The People Behind FOY Naturals


Sana is the product scientist at FOY. Looking at all the 'so-called' Ayurvedic & Natural products available in the market, she started FOY Naturals, a truly clean skincare line that bridges the gap between science and nature.

Want to uncover the chatty side of Sana? Talk to her about herbs. She is so much in love with the restorative power of herbs that she's game for any trails that'll lead her on the discovery of new ingredients. Besides creating products, she also enjoys keenly listening to customer queries and coming up with creative solutions.


Akshit is the e-commerce evangelist at FOY Naturals. His experience in e-commerce stems from working with giants like Amazon, Godrej & Google. Managing sales and day-to-day operations are Akshit's superpowers.

When he isn't working on bringing affordable & authentic skincare to young Indians, Akshit is busy travelling up the mountains and spending time chatting up strangers from different cultures.


FOY Naturals' is a planet-first initiative. That means our raison d'etre is rooted in mending our broken relationship with Mother Earth.

Harnessing the power of organic ingredients, we work hard towards bringing customers a cosmetic experience that is natural, lush, yet sustainable. You get products that your skin & hair can binge on without any guilt or any damage.

We also exercise minimal plastic use and shun single-use plastics that the beauty industry is oh-so-well known for. Having witnessed the unsustainable impact of plastic on the planet, we've consciously chosen to switch to eco-friendly alternatives - think cardboard, glass, jute bags and more.

Have we got you listening? Why not start your journey with FOY Naturals.